Monday, August 4, 2008

Starting Up Again

Last September I started up on WeightWatchers and did rather well. There were some ups and downs and some bumps in the road but I lost a total of about 14 lbs during my school year. This isn't an incredible amount but I was proud. For my first real weight loss attempt I had had success. Over the summer however, and up until now...I have only kept off 6 of those pounds. I had stopped counting my points values because Danny, my boyfriend of 8 years, was home from school and well, we love to eat. We don;t just love to eat really, we love to eat good food. We plan our weekends. One weekend it's Tapas, another Dim Sum, another French food. We don't eat a whole lot all the time but when we go out to eat it is a high calorie delicious meal. So to my dismay when I weighed myself this morning, thinking well it is my weigh in day, I was horribly disappointed in myself. I have dropped the ball. I stopped counting points. I stopped going to the gym. I though everything might magically stay the same. It hasn't. My size 12 jeans are too tight. Those jeans that I worked SO hard to get into. I feel like I wasted all the time and energy I put into last year. But, instead of being upset and disappointed for too long, I'm picking the ball up again. I started counting my points again and I'm going to do my best to stick to them. This month might be hard, as Danny is still home and will be until the end of August, but I will try to save my extra 35 points for when we go out on our food excursions. This will be my transition time, and September I will become more strict!
Lets hope this works!

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